Mid-America Karate

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Our incredible team of instructors is the foundation of our studios. They are each extraordinary individuals, but together they are a key part of a very large mission: To change lives of children and adults in our part of the country. Our instructors welcome the responsibility of being role models and mentors, as this is a large part of being an instructor at Mid-America Karate. Their motivation comes from getting to see goals being met every day and lives being improved by the power of martial arts.

Bartlesville Instructors

0910131629aMrs. Cathey Scoles is a 2nd degree black belt and the manager-instructor (Kyo Sa) of the Bartlesville location. She has been part of the MAK family since 2003, and she herself has now been training for over 6 years. Mrs. Scoles is very patient and she loves to see kids having fun. She enjoys helping students find in themselves what they need to accomplish their goals. Mrs. Scoles encourages and educates students and their families on all of the programs that Mid-America Karate has to offer. Every member of her family is a black belt, so Mrs. Scoles truly understands the value and benefits of martial arts.



Master David Onder is a 4th degree black belt who has been training at Mid-America Karate for over 14 years and he was the winner of the 2005 Appreciation Award. Master Onder is a very articulate instructor, and one of his greatest strengths as a martial artist is flawless execution of technique. He connects well with students of all ages and makes learning enjoyable. He uses creative drills to mask repetition and challenges students to improve their own technique and develop their proficiency as martial artists.


Shane ScolesMr. Shane Scoles, a 3rd degree black belt who has trained at Mid-America Karate for over 9 years, began his martial arts training in 1979. He has won 3 international gold medals in Judo, qualified for the SE Asian games in 1982, and is also a green belt in Tae Kwon Do. Mr. Scoles is an energetic and persistent instructor (Kyo Sa) who enjoys teaching all ages, especially adults. Despite a busy work schedule, he works hard to help students understand how are martial art can be used and how it can enhance their lives. Mr. Scoles also likes knife and axe throwing, flying model helicopters, and woodworking.



Mr. Curt Spence is an instructor (Kyo Sa) who has trained at Mid-America Karate for over 9 years. He is a 3rd degree black belt, is CPR/First Aid certified, and is one of very few Summit Club members at Beyond The Mountain Retreat. Mr. Spence’s teaching style is straightforward, and his technique is thorough and consistently very solid. He demonstrates great integrity in martial arts and in his Christian faith, and encourages his students to handle hardships gracefully, always keeping the end goal in mind. Mr. Spence understands the value of setting a good example. He also likes hunting, fishing, and American History.



Mr. Billy Gilbert is a 2nd degree black belt who has trained at Mid-America Karate for 6 years. He is a hard worker and a high-energy instructor (Kyo Sa) who loves teaching upbeat endurance and MMA style classes. He does a great job of giving his students the tools and the confidence to face any challenges they might meet. Mr. Gilbert also enjoys mountain biking in his free time.




Mr. Caleb Scoles is 2nd degree black belt and an assistant instructor (Jo Kyo) who has been training at Mid-America Karate for over 10 years. He is an instructor of Hyper Pro Training and he is a very strong tournament competitor with 15 first place trophies. Mr. Scoles is a perfectionist who enjoys teaching high ranked classes. He is also a counselor at MAK camps at Beyond The Mountain Retreat and, having attended for 7 years now, he is what we call a “camp veteran.”


Sarah Heuertz


Mrs. Sara Heuertz is the administrator for the Bartlesville location. She is also an orange belt and trains with her husband and 4 kids. Mrs. Heuertz is very friendly and organized, and her positive attitude rubs off on everyone around her. Her approach is to teach the golden rule by example. She loves working with people, and is great at her job. She also enjoys reading and spending time outside with her family.