Mid-America Karate

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Our incredible team of instructors is the foundation of our studios. They are each extraordinary individuals, but together they are a key part of a very large mission: To change lives of children and adults in our part of the country. Our instructors welcome the responsibility of being role models and mentors, as this is a large part of being an instructor at Mid-America Karate. Their motivation comes from getting to see goals being met every day and lives being improved by the power of martial arts.

 Rogers Instructors


Mr. Michael Felix is a 3rd degree black belt who has trained in martial arts for over 17 years and is the manager-instructor (Kyo Sa) at the Fayetteville location. He is a National Weapons Champion, a Grand Champion, Head Instructor of Hyper Pro Training, as well as a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Mr. Felix is a very animated and energetic instructor who is very detail oriented. He pushes his students to be prepared to face any situation with their physical, mental, and verbal training. He loves teaching his students to apply traditional Tang Soo Do to real life situations and scenarios. Mr. Felix is great at connecting with each individual in his classes and his passion for teaching is evident to anyone who has the privilege of watching him.



Ms. Robin, the Administrator at our Rogers location for over 6 years, is a tremendous asset to our karate family. She is the ultimate problem solver, and has an answer for every question. She keeps everything running smoothly in all areas, as she is incredibly organized and helpful. Ms. Robin encourages and educates students and their families on all of the programs that Mid-America Karate has to offer. Both the students and instructors love and respect Ms. Robin.



Miss C.J. Gormly is a 3rd degree black belt who has been training in martial arts for over 11 years, 8 of those with Mid-America Karate. She made her black belt at age 9 and was invited to be an assistant instructor at the young age of 12. Miss Gormly is an energetic instructor and she takes pride in her students, teaching them in a very detail oriented fashion. One of her greatest strengths as an assistant instructor (Jo Kyo) is the ability to engage students of every age level, including the very youngest ones. She teaches with great discipline, while making each class a fun and positive environment for everyone. Miss Gormly has been described by many in our karate family as a “firecracker,” as everyone loves to watch her perform.



Mr. Hunter Anthony, a black belt who started training in martial arts 19 years ago, has been training at Mid-America Karate for 3 years. He connects with his students through his great sense of humor and high-energy instruction. He is a passionate assistant instructor (Jo Kyo) who loves to move. Mr. Anthony is a strong, athletic, and intelligent instructor who is great at commanding the floor. He especially shines with his stunts and tricks in Hyper Pro Training, of which he also helps teach.




Miss Lauren Husky is a red belt and a Cho Ryok Instructor. She is also a counselor at MAK camps at Beyond The Mountain Retreat. Miss Lauren keeps her students excited and looking forward to their next class. Through her own example, Miss Lauren emphasizes the lesson of perseverance and patience, which is important for students pursuing a black belt.  Her eagerness to help shows her dedication, and she is always the first to show up and the last to leave.